The Spotlight Initiative in Papua New Guinea

Women Representatives in Lufa District, Eastern Highlands Province.


Project Background

Papua New Guinea (PNG) ranks 159 out of 189 countries on the UNDP Gender Inequality Index reflecting high inequalities in women’s health, education, political participation, and economic status. At least 68 per cent of women in PNG have experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence at some point in their lives, which is double the global average.

Violence against women and girls remains a key development challenge in PNG and has been prioritized in the country’s development agenda as a cross-cutting issue that affects the overall development of the country. National Plans and Strategies such as the country’s Mid-Term Development Plan 2018-2022, the PNG Development Strategic Plan 2010-2030, and PNG Vision 2050 jointly set out to achieve the target of zero tolerance to gender based violence which reflects the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UNDP’s Spotlight project is part of the larger UN programme, the Spotlight Initiative in Papua New Guinea, targeted at addressing Gender Based Violence in the country. and funded by the Global Spotlight Initiative.

Project objectives:

The project will aim to achieve the following three objectives:

  • Strengthening capacities of key institutions charged with coordination and implementing the Gender Based Violence (GBV) Strategy at the National and Sub-national level through the GBV Secretariats.
  • Working with police and village courts to support strengthening of the referral pathway and case-management.
  • Supporting government and key partners improve the quality and comparability of administrative data to feed into planning and budgeting.

Project Outcomes:

UNDP will contribute to five of the six pillars of Spotlight to support the response and prevention efforts of the PNG Government and partners to address GBV:  Legislative and Policy Frameworks, Strengthening Institutions, Prevention and Social Norms, Delivery of Quality Essential Service and Data Availability and Capacities.

Expected Results:

  • Endorsement of the Operational Framework for the National GBV Secretariat.
  • Endorsement of the full establishment of the National GBV Secretariat with assume coordination role.
  • Members of Parliament, electoral support staff and parliamentary staff officers, business leaders and CEOs including their staff and workers are engaged in discussions to advocate for GBV prevention.
  • Widespread GBV Media awareness through radio, TV and print media.
  • Establishment of support systems to track IPOs in NDC and 6 targeted provinces.
  • Training of Village court magistrates and police officers and other officials in 6 target provinces.
  • Strengthened case management system in Kokopo and Lae to receive direct support.
  • Development of M&E system for the National GBV Secretariat.


Papua New Guinea

Focus Area:

Gender Based Violence


Government of Papua New Guinea and Civil Society Organisation’s


The  Government of Papua New Guinea, Civil Society Organisations, UNICEF, UNFPA and UN Women.

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  • Mptfo-spotlight Initiative Fund (sif00)
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