Supt Delilah Sandeka, FSVU Director – with UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Dirk Wagener – at launch of new system


Remarks by Mr. Dirk Wagener, UNDP Resident Representative at the occasion of the Official Launch of Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Family and Sexual Violence Unit Information Management System

31 March 2021


  • Commissioner of Police and Controller, Mr. David Manning MBE, DPS, QPM
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Anthony Wagambie (Junior) DPS, QPM
  • FSVU Director, Superintendent Ms. Delilah Sandeka 
  • Royal PNG Constabulary heads of departments

Monin tru olgeta,

I am truly delighted to be here today to officially launch the Gender Based Violence Information Management System.

The system has been developed through support from UNDP for the Family and Sexual Violence Unit (FSVU) of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

The system is an electronic information management system developed by Kwila Creek – a locally owned company specializing in the development of cloud-based storage information systems here in the country. 

The launch of this information management system will greatly assist the Family and Sexual Violence Unit in GBV case management particularly in the registration of cases:

  • reporting and lodging of complaints
  • case follow-ups and
  • identifying of potential referral services for survivors - including linking up with the court systems in tracking interim protection or protection orders.
  • This information system will also be rolled out in all 46 FSVUs across 21 provinces of the country (including NCD) and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Today’s event is also a reminder of the National Women’s Day celebrations held last week on March 24, held under the motto of #ChallengeToChange which reminds us of the critical roles played by women in ensuring healthy, prosperous, and successful societies - whilst also considering the many challenges and or barriers imposed on women and girls by often outdated and discriminatory societal norms – which we need to challenge to change!

As you may well know, the COVID-19 outbreak did not spare Papua New Guinea and, it continues to have a range of negative impacts on people, the economy, and sectors around PNG and in fact across the world. 

A major concern is the increased incidence of gender-based violence, particularly against women including young girls and children. This was confirmed by the UN Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic we assisted the government to conduct last year.

While there was a direct impact to the economy, the survey findings showed an increase in gender-based violence incidents. That also created an increasing need to effectively report, follow-up and fast track Family and Sexual Violence cases.

UNDP is officially launching the Information management System today with RPNGC to help address these service-commitments. We know it will contribute to strengthen cooperation and coordination within your department and sector agencies as well as referral partners at the sub-national and national level.

I am not new to PNG as I started my career with the UN and UNDP back here in PNG from 2002-07 - and returned after 12 years in 2019. I have seen the country back then and know how the country has transformed in many ways.

Technology such as mobile phone networks and internet has become more accessible. Working in partnership with RPNGC and Kwila Creek in the development of this information management system is an indication of how Papua New Guineans are now taking ownership and advantage of modern technologies to address development issues such as GBV amongst others.

However, there are some areas that still requires continued and increased attention and support. With the good relationship already established with RPNGC, UNDP assures that we will have more fruitful engagement in future.

I would like to mention that this support was made possible through UNDP’s Global Rapid Response Facility, a global instrument that was set up during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to support countries facing risk of increased incidents of gender-based violence during lockdowns and other restrictions.

UNDP Papua New Guinea was fortunate to access $ 250,000 (approx. PNG 875,000) during a difficult period to respond to support efforts on gender-based violence prevention and law and order. UNDP is providing support to the FSV Unit - providing an Information Management System to the FSVU among other activities of support.

I am aware that your department has a task to coordinate 46 FSVU units nationally and administer cases reported every day and regulations relating to the provision of justice services to PNG with the following key agencies.

These are:

  • Police – this includes Provincial Police Commander and Station Commanders
  • Judiciary – Senior Provincial Magistrate and magistrates
  • Department for Community Development
  • Village Courts 
  • Correctional Institutional Services
  • Safe Houses

Through RPNGC and support from these agencies, your department reaches 8 plus million people.

My appeal is that while all law-and-order issues are important and must be given attention, please ensure addressing gender-based violence and protecting and upholding the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups – that remains an absolute priority.

With that, I thank you once again FSVU with Leadership from Supt. Delilah Sandeka and RPNGC for your continued support. UNDP looks forward to continuing the collaboration with your department and wishes you success in the application of the new Information Management System.

Tenk yu tru.

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