Collectors stamps to commemorate APEC

Nov 23, 2017

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Roy Trivedy presenting the APEC stamps which feature the Sustainable Development Goals to Minister for APEC, Hon Justin Tkatchekno. © Kim Allen/UNDP

23 November 2017, Port Moresby –  Post PNG will be releasing  new series of collectors stamps to commemorate Papua New Guinea’s historic hosting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

PNG’s hosting of the APEC will  be the single biggest international event that the country has hosted and will involve the country hosting and participating in more than 100 important meetings over the next 12 months. The Chairing will culminate with the Leaders’ Summit in Port Moresby from 12-18 November 2018.

In celebration of PNG taking the chairmanship of APEC and to mark this momentous occasion, the United Nations Development Programme has partnered with Post PNG to prepare a series of collector’s stamps.

These stamps were officially unveiled and presented in the presence of Hon Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill to the Minister for APEC, Hon Justin Tkatchekno this week.

The stamps are designed to illustrate each of the major factors that contribute to achieving Sustainable, Economic Development: People, Prosperity, Peace, Planet and Partnership. Each picture tells a story and reflects the unique global contribution of PNG as an emerging global leader on sustainable development.

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Respresentative, Roy Trivedy said during the unveiling: “Today, as the world seeks to promote the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals, we, the UN and Post PNG, are using postal services to tell the world about the importance of living sustainably.”

“Sustainable development is development that improves the lives and opportunities of people without compromising the lives of others who live on this planet as well as future generations. Papua New Guinea has so much to offer the world in this area. With 7% of the world’s bio-diversity on 1% of the world’s land mass, 14% of the world’s tuna in its oceans and 70 per cent forests in-tact, there is a very strong connection between human development and the environment in which we live.”

Setting itself as a leader in the world stage with the Chairing of the APEC, the launching of the commemorative stamps will also showcase PNG’s leadership in sustainable development following the 2016  StARs policy in recognition of the need to achieve a development that is inclusive and sustainable for all.

“This is why UNDP partnered with Post PNG, to create a set of stamps that conveys the uniqueness of this country and creates opportunites for others to learn from. These stamps provide a small example of how APEC is opening up new business opportunities in the country,” Mr Trivedy said.

Mr Banian Masibonda, Philatelic Manager at Post PNG said: “For Post PNG, as a State Owned Enterprise, we find this rare occasion an opportune time for us to be a part of the APEC success story as we have been with the Postage Stamp history.”

“Evey stamp tells a story, and as we have always done with other stakeholder during the numerous occasions before, although our participation may seem insignificant, however it is our best foot forward in terms of promoting values that matter most to our people and the nation. The corresponding stories on each of the stamps will be added brush strokes to the featured pictures. With our online shop functional now, I am sure this stamp issue will be well received by many avid stamp collector around the world,” Mr Masiboda said.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is a forum for 21 Pacific Rim member economies that promotes free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Papua New Guinea in its chairing will support the advancement of key priorities to improve digital connectivity, deepen regional integration, promote sustainable, inclusive growth and as a cross cutting theme advance human capital development in the region.

There are nine stamps in total that are available. The stamps all have a different value from 75 toea, K1.50, K3.40 and K6.80 values, and there are two framed souvenir sets with a nominal value of K20. 

The stamps will be available for purchase from Post PNG outlets, on their website or by contacting

International Stamp Agents can be located in Australia, Germany, U.K. India, Russia and the USA, their contact details can be found on the Post PNG website. The stamps will be on sale from December 2017. 

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Serahphina Aupong, UNDP Communications Officer, +675 7374 8724 ,

Sample of the stamp featuring people.

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