Are you for plastic-free Port Moresby?

Aug 8, 2016

Port Moresby, August 8, 2016 - London, the UK capital, has recently launched #oneless campaign, which aims to get rid of single-use plastic bottles and bags in London by 2017. Many businesses, corporate partners as well as the Mayor of London are supporting this campaign.

Similar campaigns are taking place in many other capitals of the world as response to increasing threats coming from the widespread use of plastics.

“As cities around the world embark on campaigns to reduce plastic usage, Port Moresby is well positioned to join this movement and become plastic-free city” – says UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative, Roy Trivedy.

Many of the plastics we use— from coffee cups to grocery bags — end up in the ocean, posing serious threat to urban infrastructures, marine ecosystems, with an estimated financial damage of US$13 billion each year (UNEP, 2014).

“To address the issue, we have to start changing ourselves. We have to take collective actions and commit ourselves to use less plastic. Instead of taking plastic bags in the local supermarkets, we can bring reusable bags, instead of plastic cups we can buy our own reusable cups. These are small solutions, but everyone can follow them”, added Roy Trivedy.

As part of this efforts, UNDP has produced number of posters together with the Royal Papua Yacht Club to help reduce the use of plastic cups.  Actions are needed to take these efforts to a new level.

“Should we in Papua New Guinea launch similar #oneless campaign to reduce the use of plastic? If so – will you become part of it?” , - posed a question Roy Trivedy.


Please see EMTV documentary on plastic waste management in Port Moresby here

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