Documentary || Solid Waste Management in Papua New Guinea

Apr 29, 2016

Documentary produced by EMTV investigates the current state of solid waste management in Papua New Guinea. 

Every 30 minutes about 60 million plastic bags are discharged in the environment around the globe. Only 1 in 200 will be recycled and virtually none in Papua New Guinea. 

How are cities around the world gearing up to deal with waste management and its effect on the environment is the focus of the documentary. It aims to raise awareness in the developing world, where the environment often take the back seat as part of governments’ agendas. 

Can we keep ignore this mounting issue, considering that the worldwide population will reach 10 billion by 2100 and that entire communities already live off the trash in appalling humanitarian conditions, deprived of the most basic services as fresh water, electricity, education and basic healthcare?

Documentary includes interview with UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative Roy Trivedy. 

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