Ms Milka Okiddy


“I look forward to a time when the UN is funded by both private and public sectors and recognized as a powerful and unbiased force for good throughout the world.” - Milka Okiddy, Operations Manager

An avid reader and Netflix enthusiast, hailing all the way from Molo in Kenya, Ms. Milka Okiddy is the Operations Manager at UNDP in Papua New Guinea.“I am thankful each morning I wake up to be able to work with a diverse group of people in an organization that is working to change the quality of life for people not only in Papua New Guinea but around the world,” said Ms Okiddy.

As Operations Manager, her daily tasks vary from transactions to being out in the field. “No two weeks are the same and there is always some issue or other to address so. The excitement never ends.”

Having such a hectic schedule, Ms. Okiddy finds herself juggling many tasks. She says her ability to multitask effectively, encounter changes and stay ahead of her work comes down to her strong mother, her greatest role model.

“My mother - if she had had an education beyond class 8, in the old British system, she would most certainly be running her own large organization. She is almost 80 now, and has recently changed homes because she did not like where she was,” she said. "She has never been afraid to change, and I want to be like her.”

Being part of the country office for a little over a year now, Ms Okiddy says she is proud to be an International Civil Servant supporting UNDP in Papua New Guinea, in key initiatives and achievements in the country.

“Papua New Guinea has abundant natural resources and a rich and diverse culture. These need to be preserved and nurtured for future generations and also enhanced to ensure that all citizens of Papua New Guinea are not only able to enjoy equal access to these resources but also made aware of their obligations in ensuring these resources are handed down to future generations, enriched by the responsible stewardship of the current generation.”

Ms. Okiddy stressed further UNDP’s efforts to promote the importance of gender equality in the country. “I like that UNDP is at the forefront in the fight against Gender-Based Violence in the country, and with getting dedicated electoral seats for Women in Parliament. In the context of a recent workshop on getting the UNDP gender seal, charity begins at home. We in the office need to internalize the ideals of gender equity and be the ambassadors of those ideals to the wider community,” she said.

Ms Okiddy, a mother of two daughters, completed her undergraduate and accounting studies in Kenya before obtaining her Master's degree from the University of Amsterdam. She enjoys reading in her free time and, is a newly found member of the Netflix community.

“I love reading anything, if I am bored enough, I will even read a dictionary. However, I am a recent addict of Netflix, I watch many shows concurrently. But this week’s series is – The Chair”.

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