UNDP and CEPA staff with partners in Madang

Papua New Guinea’s biodiversity is unique. It faces however many challenges, among them, how to best ensure sustainable financing for conservation efforts.

Such efforts to address this have begun. UNDP, working in close partnership with Government’s Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority is rolling out a series of initiatives to achieve this. These include efforts to establish a sustainable national conservation financing mechanism to support protected areas.

As part of this initiative, UNDP and the Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority are working with a range of Provincial Governments. As a first step, work has commenced on developing Indigenous Peoples Plans, Gender Analysis and Action Plans and Social and Environmental Safeguards’ assessments.

This month, work continued in Madang where technical experts worked with the Madang Provincial Government, Local Governments, District Development Authorities, the private sector, not-for profit organisations and local communities in the proposed Wanang Community Conservation Area to map out sustainable financing options.

The UNDP Sustainable Financing team also met with the Madang Provincial Government and local communities along Project sites in the Bismark Range forest corridor. UNDP and Government are collaborating to extend the Government of Papua New Guinea’s ability to fulfill its protected area mandate and implement the national protected area policy, an initiative also proudly supported by UNDP.

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