Forest Carbon Partnership Facility REDD+ Readiness Project


The project builds on Papau New Guinea’s (PNG) REDD+ readiness activities that have been coordinated jointly by Climate Change Development Authority (CCDA) and PNG National Forest Authority (PNGFA), including work undertaken through the UN-REDD Programme. The project will contribute to the development of PNG’s capacity to design a sound national REDD+ strategy, develop and sustain national readiness management arrangements, elaborate REDD+ strategy options for PNG to mitigate climate change and be carbon neutral by 2050 as per the Government of PNG's target under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), develop the REDD+ implementation framework, assess and address social and environmental impacts.

The implementation of the FCPF support is expected to contribute to PNG’s REDD+ Readiness and establish the basis for emission reductions and the receipt of REDD+ benefits. 

REDD+ refers to efforts to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degredation, and plus (+) conservation of forest carbon stocks, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks (REDD+).  

Project Objectives

  • To contribute to the development of PNG’s capacity to design a sound national REDD+ strategy
  • Develop and sustain national readiness management arrangements
  • Elaborate REDD+ strategy options
  • Develop the REDD+ implementation framework 
  • Assess social and environmental impacts so that, by 2018, PNG is ready to implement policies and measures to reduce emissions from its forests and to enhance removals under the UNFCCC REDD+ mechanism

Expected Outcomes

  • By 2018, the PNG Government and civil society have enhanced their capacity to implement biodiversity conservation, low carbon and climate resilient development initiatives for environmental sustainability and improved community livelihoods to reduce the vulnerability of women, girls, men and boys to disaster risks.

  • Promote Low Carbon Growth and Climate Resilient Economic Development - Public institutions, private sector and local communities enhance the implementation of low carbon growth and climate resilient development initiatives for environmentally sustainable economic growth. 

Project Information

Total Project Budget USD 3.8 Million 
Project Duration 3 years, 2015 - 2018

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