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The PNG-METT: A method for assessing effectiveness in Papua New Guinea's Protected Areas

Jun 1, 2018

This report contains a concise method to accurately assess the effectiveness of over 57 protected areas in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Most of the

protected areas in the country are owned and managed by the customary landowners and in these protected areas, there are currently no government employees. This methodology considers best practice principles on how management effectiveness evaluations should be conducted, while also considering the special features of PNG’s protected area system, especially the role of customary landowners.

This tracking tool draws on existing work and experience to create a model specific to PNG’s unique environment. It briefly documents the background to protected area management effectiveness evaluation, describes the principles for designing and implementing a methodology based on ‘best practice’ as defined by practitioners and presents the methodology used in the current evaluation process.

It is relatively simple and practical tool for governments, the civil sector, business and industry to use, requiring a minimum one-day workshop with two facilitators: one to lead discussions and the other to take detailed notes. Staff from PNG’s Conservation and Environment Protection Authority are being trained to lead the process in the future.


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