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UNDP supports Government deliver innovative conservation financing solutions

Papua New Guinea’s biodiversity is unique. It faces however many challenges, among them, how to best ensure sustainable financing for conservation efforts.  

Living in harmony with nature

Gideon Warite is from the Koiari Tribe of the Sogeri Plateau. He is one of 10 National United Nations Volunteer (UNV) Community Rangers at the Varirata National Park, situated about 48km east of Port…  

Online training boosts staff knowledge in environment and community approach

Port Moresby, 16 June 2020: The challenges of COVID-19 are restricting people from attending meetings. Social distancing makes it challenging.  

The Solution is in Nature: Celebrating World Environment Day in Papua New Guinea

June 5th each year marks World Environment Day. It is an opportunity to reflect on our connection to nature and reaffirm our commitment to protecting its future.  

Conservation and Education Efforts Strengthened World Environment Day – 5 June 2020 “Time for Nature”

Port Moresby, 2 June 2020 - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), together with the National Government, have today strengthened their partnership with the Port Moresby Nature Park.  

Mobile Application, a new tracking tool for conservation

Reports of harmful and illegal activities inside Protected Areas in Papua New Guinea can now be reported and monitored by just the push of a button.  

WHAT IS COP25? With the world's first climate refugees, PNG is at the forefront of climate action

COP25 is a meeting taking place now, over a two week period, in Spain where world leaders and representatives from Governments, civil society experts, youth groups, activists and the private sector…  

Goal 15: Life on hand

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