Kol blong aplikeisen: Meri instait long Paliment praktis trenin.

Jan 31, 2017

Kol blong aplikeisen: Meri instait long Paliment praktis trenin.

Pot Mosbi, 1 Febuari, 2017- UN Divelopmen Progrem i tokaut long aplikeisen blong Meri instait long Paliment trenin long mon Mas 2017 long Pot Mosbi.

Displa prektis trenin bai lukim ol PNG meri i lainim rot blong sanap long eleksen na rot blong politiks na lidasip, we bai iken kamapim bikpla sans blong ol meri insait long politiks na lidasip.

UNDP ibin ronim displa kain prektis paliment blong meri long olgeta hap instait long Pasifik. Long 2012, 50 PNG meri ibin trenin long namba wan taim blong displa progrem instait long kantri. As tingting blong displa prektis palimen blong meri, em blong giving ol pretikol rot blong ol i luksave long ol trutru pasin blong kamapim ol polisi na luksave long wok blong memba blong paliment isave wok.

I bin igat planti kain trenin olsem bifo tasol igat planti tok askim long impek long lukim meri igat sans long kamapim wok blong paliment; displa trenin igat bikpla tingting long stretim displa tingting na askim long ol meri igat sans long stap instait na wok  blong ronin gavman olsem memba blong paliment. Bipla tingting em blong ol lain i stap long displa trenin long mas putim displa trenin igo long prektikol yus.

Displa progrem, ibin kamap wantaim toktok na wok bung wantaim blong Nesenal Paliment blong PNG, Dipatment blong Kominiti Divelopmen na Lotu, Ofis blong Regista blong Politikol Pati wantaim UNDP bai ingat tripla rot blong trenin.

  1. Skils Trenin. Long kamapim save blong rong blong palement na ol rot blong polisi we ol vota igat tingting long em taim ol kampain.
  2. Prektis Paliment blong Meri. Bai lukim ol patisipen is prektis long palimenteri sesen, we bai ol i toktok pait long questen taim na toktok pait tu long bil.
  3. Skil trenin long kempain na toktok wantaim ol media

Husait iken aplie:

Meri we tingting long sanap long 2017 nesenal eleksen na lokol eleksen long 2018

Het Meri blong Kominiti husait tingting long lainim niupla rot blong lidasip, toktok politiks na polisi skils.

Ron blong Workshop:


  1. Treinin na prektis Paliment bai kamap long Pot Mosbi long Mande 6 Mas igo long Sarere 11 Mas 2017
  2.  Ol lain husait mipla makim bai kam long ol provins long riten ekonomi balus tiket na tu bai ol lain husait ikamapim displa trenin stretim ples blong stap na trevel.
  3.  Ol narapla workshop rot bai stap blong ol lain husait ikisim seleksen long displa trenin.

Rot blong aplai:

Long sans blong kamap wanpla patisipen, yu mas daunloudim displa fom long UNDP in PNG web site (www.pg.undp.org)  or kisim fom long UNDP PNG Kantri Ofis

Application must be posted or delivered to:

UNDP Papua New Guinea Country Office

Level 14, Deliotte Tower

P O Box 1041, Port Moresby. NCD

By email: procurement.pg@undp.org

Dedlain: 17th Febuari 2017. Ol lain husait mipla makim tasol bai kisim toksave olsem bai ol ikam long trenin. Igat 40 to 50 ples blong ol lain long kisim trenin

Open call for applications: Women in Parliament practice training                                                                                                      ---

Port Moresby, 1 February, 2017 -  UN Development Programme (UNDP) opens call for applications for Women in Parliament practice training, that will be held in Port Moresby in March 2017.

The practice training aims to support more PNG women to participate in elections and be elected to Parliament and raise awareness on increasing women’s participation in politics and leadership roles.

UNDP has been running Practice Parliaments for Women across the Pacific. In 2012, 50 PNG women participated in the first ever Practice Parliament for Women in the country. The idea of a Practice Parliament for Women provided a practical forum to expose participants to the realities of policy-making and being a parliamentarian. While a range of training opportunities have been provided to PNG women, it has been a criticism that these have not often resulted in concrete impacts in terms of leading to women actually engaging in parliament processes. This activity seeks to directly address that concern by training women on parliamentary engagement and then immediately providing them with a forum to apply the skills they have learnt.

The program, designed in collaboration with the National Parliament of PNG, the Department for Community Development and Religion, the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties and UNDP will consist of three parts:


·       Skills training to develop participant’ understanding of parliamentary processes, as well as key policy issues that voters may want to discuss with them while they campaign (3 days);

·       Practice Parliament for Women, which will see all participants in a practice session where they will engage in a mock Question Time and debating a mock Bill (1 day);

·       Skills training on campaigning and media engagement

Who is eligible to apply:        


•           Women who are considering standing for the 2017 national elections or local elections in 2018;

•           Women community leaders who wish to develop their leadership, advocacy and policy skills;

Workshop arrangements:

•                The training and Practice Parliament will be held in Port Moresby from Monday 6 March to Saturday 11 March.

•                For successful applicants travelling from the provinces, a return economy airfare will be purchased by the organizers for your travel and accommodation provided.

•                Other workshop arrangements will be made available to successful applicants in due course.

How to apply:

In order to be considered to be a participation download forms from this page (on the right) or pick the forms at UNDP PNG Country Office.

Application must be posted or delivered to:

UNDP Papua New Guinea Country Office

Level 14, Deliotte Tower

P O Box 1041, Port Moresby. NCD

By email: procurement.pg@undp.org

DEADLINE: 17th of February 2017 [Only successful applicants will be notified] There are 40-50 spaces available for this training.



Media Contacts

Assel Tleof assel.tleof@undp.org





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