UN calls for a move to prioritize SDGs

Port Moresby, September 13, 2016 – In the run-up to the first anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN in Papua New Guinea urges Leaders to prioritize SDGs in a bid to ensure good implementation.

“The SDGs were adopted in September 2015 by all UN member countries, including Papua New Guinea. As we reach the one-year benchmark, it is time to accelerate the SDG agenda, which is in line with Papua New Guinea’s Vision 2050, by prioritizing the Goals, setting clear objectives and moving forward with implementation”, said UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Roy Trivedy.

“The Government of Papua New Guinea has demonstrated leadership and vision for sustainable development in the recent years; this includes adoption of important policies, including Vision 2050 and the the National Strategy for Responsible, Sustainable Development (STARS). The country is making improvements in the areas of education, health and infrastructure. With this progress, Papua New Guinea is well positioned to prioritize and accelerate the SDGs to improve the lives of all citizens”.

“One of the lessons learnt from the Millennium Development Goals which preceded the SDGs, is that governments alone cannot deliver the change. Robust engagement of civil society – communities, faith groups, NGOs, the private sector, academics, researchers, development partners - is vital for achieving a sustainable future for all”.

To support the Papua New Guinea, UN Development Programme (UNDP) is working closely with the Government, providing strategic support through:

  • Establishing new partnerships with policy think-tanks, research institutions, leadership centers across Pacific region and globally;
  • Working with government at national level and in the provinces – to integrate SDGs in the planning processes;
  • Bringing top expertise from its global networks to support SDGs localization;
  • Linking business communities to the SDGs agenda and working more closely with Parliament and political leaders;
  • Building awareness on the SDGs through regular and creative outreach to women and youth. 

“Together with Government and other partners we are building coalitions for achieving the SDGs. While we are in the first year of implementation, we need to use time and resources carefully to localize and prioritize the goals. Only then will we see genuine acceleration towards achieving the Goals in Papua New Guinea. Supporting implementation of the SDGs is a priority for the country’s development over the next 15 years” concluded Mr. Trivedy.

UNDP: Making SDGs a reality

Sep 12, 2016



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