PCaB changing lives and progress in Gulf province

01 Mar 2014

imageMr. Sam Erepan, PCaB National project Coordinator

The National Project Coordinator of the UNDP & Australian Aid’s Provincial Capacity Building (PCaB) programme was interviewed last week by the local newspaper “The National” about the PCaB success in building capacity at sub-national levels. The interview was also referred to the PCaB recent success building the capacity in the Gulf Province.


Before incorporating Gulf province as one of the new PCaB’s supported provinces, the Programme sent its local advisers to this province to deal with outstanding financial reports outdated & delayed since 2006, undoubtedly this was one of the reasons of poor service delivery in this province. However, since the incorporation of PCaB advisers, changings are happening in the management of public funds, thus, last week the Gulf administration was the first province presenting its financial reports on time. Likewise, the province is running quarterly Provincial Audit Committee meetings which was established and initiated with PCaB’s support. Finally, the main access road to the province (one of the worst interprovincial roads) from Malalaua to Kerema town will be soon finally paved.  These are some of the improvements that will conduce to changing the lives of gulf province citizens.    


The extract of the interview is shown below.


A PROGRAMME co-funded by the PNG Government, the United Nations Development Programme and AusAID to build capacity is reaping results.

Sam Erepan, the national programme coordinator of the Provincial Capacity Building Programme (PCaB )said the programme was created to provide support to the government by building capacity in terms of public financial management at sub-national levels.

Erepan said the implementation of the programme is guided by the PCaB Steering Committee headed by Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan.

“It (PCaB E) focuses on capacity building in sub-national level (province and district) treasury functions, “he said. “It puts particular emphasis in the context of financial reporting to improve service delivery and effectiveness of public service programmes.”

Erepan said an example of the success of the programme was the timely presentation of financial reports by the Gulf provincial treasury.

“They (Gulf Provincial Treasury) not only submitted reports for the 2013 financial year but annual reports that has been backlogged since 2006.

“That shows that capacity is being built.”

Erepan said the programme had implemented its activities in Western, Central, Milne Bay, Morobe, Eastern Highlands and the East New Britain since its inception in 2008. He said the Autonomous Region, Gulf, West Sepik and Western Highlands were recently included.

The programme has been extended up to 2018, it aims to cover all 22 provinces, he said. Erepan said PCaB E had an adviser on-site in each of the province providing on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching as a main tool to build capacities.