Service improvement (DSIP, PSIP and LLGSIP) awareness workshop completed

25 Apr 2013

The much talked Service Improvement Programs (DSIP/PSIP/LLGSIP) workshop got underway last week on the 17-18th April 2013 in Port Moresby at Hideaway Hotel. This workshop catered for stakeholders from Gulf and Central provinces and the National Capital District. In attendance were Provincial Administrators with their Deputies, District Administrators, LLG Managers/Presidents and Provincial/District Treasurers.

The main focus of the two day workshop was to go through (awareness) the Administrative Guidelines on how to expend funding from the various Service Improvement Programs and the Financial Instructions that provides guidance for expenditures and reporting, ensuring that it complies with the systems/processes spelt out in the Public Financial Management Act (PFMA). The responsible government agencies, Department of Implementation & Rural Development (DIRD) and Department of Finance (DoF) were the facilitators of the workshop who develop the above presentations.

Other key government agencies also did complimentary presentations including the Auditor General Office (AGO), Ombudsman Commission (OC), and Department of Works etc. The OCs presentation was excellent and impressive because the Acting Chief OC stressed the importance of compliance and its implications as far as leadership code is concerned.

Similar workshops will now take place throughout the country as per the schedule advertised in the daily newspapers. The PCaB program site advisors will attend these workshops and then facilitate their own series of workshops to same stakeholders and others so that they can fully understand these important documents (Administrative Guidelines & Financial Instructions on Service Improvement Programs).