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Maria, determined and passionate for change in her community

Maria Koimb, armed with her grade 10 education and a lot of conviction, Maria joined a community health programme that was rolled out in Domil in 1992. For the next 26 years, she advocated healthy…  

A new step to strengthen sustainable palm oil in PNG

Change is on the horizon for the palm oil sector in Papua New Guinea (PNG) as significant steps are being taken to improve the industry.  

Coastal village hooks more income with new approach to fishing

Madang, May 10, 2018 - In the tiny community of Numuru, home to about 70 people, gardens are abundant with sweet potato and greens.  

Finance and investment plan to support climate actions in Papua New Guinea

The Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is developing a finance and investment plan to promote sustainable practices in the agriculture, forestry, lands and environment and conservation sectors.  

Agriculture sector planning retreat focuses on climate change

The Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is conducting a sector by sector planning retreat as a significant step to ensure key sectors such as lands, forestry, agriculture, environment and…  

Creating partnerships crucial in lead up to independence referendum

Buka, April 2018 - “We need to restore our credibility in Bougainville, and to do that we need to engage with respected partners on the ground. One of those, no doubt, is UNDP.”  

Volcanic eruptions, coastal erosion, landslides and flooding - is Madang the disaster capital of PNG?

Madang, 3rd April 2018 - “Unfortunately, we have it all. Madang is a province that is prone to many types of disasters. Marine disasters such as coastal erosion and rising sea levels, landslides and…  

Evodia’s ward are well informed of tsunami

52- year old Evodia Stanley is a woman with a lot on her mind.  

Josephine, only female with a ministerial position in the Bougainville House of Representatives

Josephine Getsi is the only female within the Autonomous Bougainville Government to hold a ministerial position, and the only female to be elected to an open seat by her constituents across both the…  

Celebrating Forests and Sustainable Cities

We often hear people talk about the forests of Papua New Guinea. How these forests remain among the largest in-tact forests in the world. How these forests are home to approximately 7% of the world’s…  

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