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National consultation workshop to improve women representation at the local level government

Through the UN Gender Task Team (GTT) UNDP’s support is anchored  within PNG Policy on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, as well as in the National Constitution. Other areas that inform UNDP’s support include: Vision 2050, MDTS 2010-2030 and MDTP 2011-2015. There are a number of international treaties (e.g. CEDAW, CERD, CRC)  and other international, regional and national frameworks on United Nations Human Rights Declaration that guide our work on gender equality, and in strengthening the institutional and operational framework of Government and civil society to promote women empowerment.

UNDP's support covers three major areas: 1) Support to Women participation and representation in decision making at national and sub national levels- with a major focus on promoting initiatives where women, men, boy and girls have equal opportunities to access resources, rights and decision-making processes through equal participation and benefits from the economic, social and political development;  2) Support to initiatives addressing Gender Based Violence, including capacity development for law enforcement agents (particularly the police); Promoting evidence programming and policy upstream on prevalence, effects and impact Gender based violence;  and 3) promoting women economic empowerment, through leveraging current capabilities and global best practices  to advance the existing and development of new gender biased tools to support women’s economic empowerment.

The implementation of our work is guided four major principles 1) Strengthen the national capacities of Government and civil society organizations and networks; 2) Promote active advocacy through policy development and reforms for genuine engagement and support of an enabling environment for gender equality and women’s empowerment; 3) Promoting programme flexibility and responsiveness ; and  4) Adopting a human rights based approach  

Partnership: UNDP has strong partnership with: the Department for Community Development (DFCD) (as the lead partner), and other departments that include: National Council of Women; Media Network, Office for the Development of Women, Other ppartners include: Constitutional Law Reform Commission, Department for Justice and Attorney General, Department for Provincial and Local Government Affairs; Political Parties, PNG Electoral Commission, PNG Media Council, Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Commission (IPPCC), etc.