Since HIV was first recorded in PNG in 1987, the trend in reported HIV infections has shown a significant and steady growth. In 2009, the number of adults (aged 15-49) living with HIV was estimated to be 35,800 which was equivalent to a national prevalence rate of 0.9%. To the end of 2009, a cumulative total of 11,520 people were estimated to have died because of HIV-related illnesses and 5,610 children had became orphans, losing one or both of their parents, as a result of the epidemic (National AIDS Council and National Department of Health, Consensus Workshop on HIV Estimation – 2010).

Our Goals

UNDP PNG contributes to the overall goal of the Government of Papua New Guinea, i.e by 2015, the GoPNG will have increased capacity to protect human rights in the context of HIV for Most at Risk populations, in alignment with the National HIV Strategy, (with a particular focus on men who have sex with men, transgendered individuals, sex workers and those who engage in transactional sex and their clients, people living with HIV, prisoners, people who use and/or inject drugs, women at higher risk, children, and HIV affected families with specific emphasis on young populations in those groups where possible and appropriate).more

UNDP works to protect human rights in the context of HIV/AIDs

Dialouge with religious leaders on HIV, human rights and law to develop leadership in taking a proactive role in creating enabling legal and policy environment for access to treatment, care and support services for At Risk Populations; as well as promotion of rights of the vulnerable groups. more

Projects and Initiatives

  • UNDP supports the government of PNG to address HIV challenge is through the National AIDS Council Secretariat (NACS), and aimed at scale up the implementation of the National HIV Strategy ( NHS 2010-2015), as contribution to the achievement of national targets as highlighted in the Medium –Term Development Plan (2011-2015) , and Millennium Develop Goals (MDGs) particularly MDG 6 –To Combat HIV, Malaria and other Diseases.more 

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Leadership Development Programme: Entry point to address HIV in Papua New Guinea.

The Leadership Development Program is conducted through a series of 3 workshops, with breakthrough initiatives in between the workshops.  These workshops are aimed at enabling participantsmore 

Let there be light: Transformational leadership on green energy for community enhancement

This story is about a woman whose leadership in the area of HIV and her vision to connect this to climate change and other pressing developmentmore 

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