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Sustainable development


Development challenges in Papua New Guinea are as diverse and complex as the country itself. To respond to these challenges, UNDP in PNG concentrates its efforts on building the country’s capacity to promote inclusive, pro-poor growth, effective governance, and sustainable and resilient development. We help our partners in identifying relevant solutions to today’s complex, trans-boundary development challenges.

Guided by the UNDP in PNG country document (2018-2022), our work focuses on the following areas; peace, prosperity and planet.  

Priorities and partnerships

Peace: promoting inclusive governance, justice and peace

Prosperity: inclusive and sustainable growth

Planet: sustainable management of natural resources, biodiversity conservation, strenghten climate and disaster resilence

The PNG UNDP programme document promotes a whole-of-society approach, which requires innovation and business models from the private sector, mobilization of civil society, and best practices and funding from public and private sectors. This will support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Six Signature Solutions


Signature Solutions are integrated responses to development against which we align our resources and expertise, to make real impact.


Keeping people out of POVERTY


GOVERNANCE for peaceful, just, and inclusive societies


Crisis prevention and increased RESILIENCE


ENVIRONMENT: nature-based solutions for development

Clean, affordable ENERGY

Women's empowerment and GENDER equality


Each Solution includes a mix of policy advice, technical assistance, finance, and programmes. Each solution has the potential to unlock the path to sustainable development. But no one solution will succeed on its own. We need all of them to achieve the SDGs.



Our work


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