The MDG/MTDPAdvocacy and Monitoring Project


In 2000, the United Nations Millennium Declaration set eight development goals designed to meet the challenges of the new Millennium. Leaders of 189 countries, including Papua New Guinea (PNG) signed this declaration.

With the technical assistance of UNDP, PNG prepared its first national MDG progress report in 2004. It also localized 15 MDG targets and 67 indicators. These targets and indicators were incorporated into the Medium Term Development Strategy (MTDS) 2005-2010 to monitor the development in PNG.

Under the United Nations Country Programmes 2008-2012, UNDP supported the government-led Millennium Development Goals (MDG) programme at the Department of National Planning and Monitoring (DNPM). In the new UN Country Programme 2012-2015 also UNDP is supporting the MDG programme in DNPM.


Assist DNPM in producing MDG progress reports, create awareness on MDGs at the national and sub-national level, assist the national and sub-national governments in integrating MDGs in their planning and monitoring systems, assist in costing of MDGs, assist the universities of PNG in producing quality manpower on MDGs and human development, enhance capacity of DNPM officials on MDGs, human development and sustainable development and enhance capacity of DNPM to coordinate and implement policies and programmes on MDGs

Project information

This programme is funded through the UNDP Core funds. UNDP provided technical assistance of two persons for this programme: (1) Chief Technical Specialist on MDGs (international) from July 2009-July 2013, and (2) MDGs Data Specialist (national) from January 2008-February 2013. In addition, one International Consultant was engaged for 9 months.

Programme budget was USD400,000 per year during 2009-2011. It was USD325,000 in 2012 and 155,000 in 2013.Implementing Agency is the Department of National Planning and Monitoring.


Ø  Second National MDGs Progress Summary Report was produced in 2009

Ø  Second National MDGs Progress Comprehensive Report was produced in 2010

Ø  Report on Data Availability, Completeness and Accuracy for Monitoring Human Development and MDGs was produced in 2010

Ø  MDGs were re-tailored in 2010 with 22 national targets and 88 indicators

Ø  A total of 57 MDG indicators were integrated in the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) 2011-2015

Ø  Awareness on MDGs were created in the national capital and in the provinces: Madang, Simbu, Central, East New Britain, Manus, ARB and Sandaun to help them integrate MDGs in their planning and monitoring systems

Ø  Trained PNG government on the costing of health and education MDGs

Ø  A one semester long course on MDGs and human development was integrated into the curriculum of University of PNG (UPNG) at the undergraduate level in 2011and in the curriculum of University of Technology (UNITECH) in 2013. UPNG has already produced over 40 graduates in the subject in 2011 and 2012.These universities will continue to produce graduate on MDGs and human development in 2013 and beyond

Ø  Capacity of over 100 officers of DNPM have been enhanced on MDGs and capacity of over 200 officers of Madang, Simbu, Central, East New Britain, Manus, ARB and Sandaun provinces was enhanced on MDGs

Ø  Capacity of over 35 officers of DNPM have been enhanced on MDG Acceleration Framework and human development; of them over 25 officers of DNPM have become trainers on MDGs and 4 officers have become trainers on human development

Ø  Capacity of the DNPM officers and officers in the provinces was enhanced on monitoring and evaluation framework

Ø  Capacity of over 130 officials of the centre and 18 provinces developed on sustainable development framework through presentations

Ø  There are over 20 officers in the MDG, Population and Aid Effectiveness (MPA) core group in DNPM who meet regularly to discuss the programme and activities on theseissues

Ø  DNPM has created a Special Intervention Branch with 4 permanent officers to look after the MDGs, population and sustainable development issues. This branch is headed by Assistant Secretary.

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