Report: UNDP and Deloitte “Unchartered Waters: Blending Value and Values for Social Impact Through The SDGs”

06 Oct 2016

This report tackles the issue of how inclusive business models move private sector engagement in the SDGs beyond philanthropic or CSR efforts but ingrain them in the core operations of a business.  It makes the case by looking at how five drivers of financial value: generating new revenue, recruiting and retaining talent, increasing supply chain resilience, increasing investor interest and assuring a license to operate, can push companies to look for alignment with the SDGs.

The “how to” guide of sorts is designed for business leaders seeking to implement inclusive models and position themselves for success within the context of the SDGs. It acts a practical toolkit offering information on sectors with inclusive business opportunities and how to design and establish a sustainable inclusive businesses and scale their impact. It also offers advice on how to assess the maturity of an inclusive business model.

Unchartered Waters includes two case studies of inclusive business in the context of the SDGs: the pharmaceutical company Novartis and the international coffeehouse chain Juan Valdez.

The report ends with a list of 10 critical success factors to keep in mind when designing and implementing an inclusive business.

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